workflow audit /

gap analysis

Similar to the review of your workflow that we perform in the normal course of our scalability and document integrity analyses, this review can be used to develop a comprehensive GAP analysis for your organization that will provide guidance as to what steps and/or changes need to be made to your IT platform, workflow, security (both data and physical), payment processing, equipment, business continuity/disaster recovery plan, physical building and personnel in order to either service the critical communication space more effectively, service different verticals or simply to enter the critical communication space should your organization already be providing direct marketing/direct mail services.

Our GAP analysis can include estimated costs, both hard and soft, for bridging the gaps.

We have helped a number of existing direct mailers understand how to diversify their existing service offerings by leveraging their existing infrastructure as much as possible.

We have helped a number of existing critical communication organizations enter more complex, yet more financially beneficial, verticals such as Accounts Receivable Management (ARM - collections), healthcare, financial services and utilities.

From our workflow audit, we can document your entire workflow and identify current and anticipated bottlenecks. 

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Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.

​A GAP analysis is a technique used to determine what steps need to be taken in order to move from the current state to a desired, future state.