Just like your business, every Commogma client relationship is unique. 
We listen first, then work to build a solution for your specific needs.

We understand the challenges that come with running a company because we’ve done it; and just as importantly, we gained that experience as a team. Our founding principals worked together as part of two different senior management teams, which executed successful reinvention and growth strategies for different middle market companies. The efforts was incredibly demanding, requiring the full effort of the senior team and all the associates of the company. Ultimately, both efforts were a success, resulting in significant growth, unprecedented customer loyalty and successful sales of the companies to new owners.

To this day, what we remember most about those experiences isn’t the typical list you’d associate with a challenging change and growth environment effort (the long hours, planning, strategizing, negotiating, and getting a lot of work done), but rather all of the synergies that came with excellent teamwork. Attacking problems from every angle. Earning the respect of your teammate. Knowing that someone has your back. Listening. Learning. Challenging one another. Camaraderie. Sharing a laugh. Fighting, struggling, and winning as a team.

When the dust settled following the sale of the secondncompany, and members of the team started considering their next challenges, we wondered: could we take a management team that had been through just about everything together and apply that experience, skills and teamwork for the benefit of other companies? The answer was yes…Welcome to Commogma.

Multifunctional Approach

We understand the challenges that come with running a company because we actually have that experience. Our consultants are experts in Strategy, Operations, Leadership, Process and Technology. When you hire Commogma, you get the benefit of a diverse and experienced leadership team, attacking problems from multiple angles at the same time and helping accomplish your goals.

Custom Solutions, Every Time

Even though we have first-hand executive experience, we still believe it’s crucial to understand each company’s situation. We don’t know it all and we don’t apply cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why our first priority is to listen and learn about your culture, your team, your company and your challenge. Only then can we begin to work with you to develop solutions that fit your specific situation.

Collaborative Approach

We apply a collaborative, team-based approach in working with our client partners, not just outsourcing work that needs to be completed. We aren’t here to replace our clients’ teams, but to support them in their own growth and ensure they are equipped to be successful in the future.

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