Help (hĕlp)

verb (used with object)
to do something that makes it easier for someone to do a job, to deal with a problem, etc.

how we can


Communication to customers is the lifeline of a business.

Whether the communication is for merely notifying or reminding a customer to take an action or as a critical part of the revenue cycle process, these touchpoint opportunities can either improve the relationship......or damage it.  Accuracy, timeliness and user friendliness are key components to ensuring that the communication achieves the former rather than the latter.

At CommOgma, we take a unique approach to helping our clients....we have actually operated businesses, both small and large, and have dealt with many of the challenges that face other critical communication companies.  We combined real life experience from each functional discipline with an underlying appreciation and understanding of the financial bottom line implications behind each decision and solution.

Our experience allows us to not only work with existing organizations who need help becoming more efficient, breaking into new verticals or scaling their business, but also with companies that are either thinking about entering, or have just entered, the critical communication space and need to understand what steps and changes are necessary to service this industry correctly.  Our comprehensive GAP analysis provides these types of organizations an in-depth understanding of how to address and knock down the barriers of entry into this dynamic industry including technology platform, workflow and security transformation, capital investment requirements and human capital needs.  More detailed analyses, based on targeted vertical(s), could be provided as well since different verticals, in some cases, require different service requirements. 

We offer a unique Mentoring Program that allows any C-level executive the opportunity to take advantage of leveraging seasoned C-level industry experience on an on-going continuity basis rather than a project basis.

Below is a partial list of key areas that we can provide assistance and value to your organization on a project basis as well:

The above represents a sampling of the areas that we have the experience managing and helping our clients optimize.  If there are areas that "keep you up at night" that are not listed above, please contact us so we can discuss our experience and how we believe we can add value.