Document integrity is the single source of customer complaints and exposure for organizations in our industry.

In a "closed-loop" system and workflow, a document that passes through without any exceptions or interventions should come out at the end as a perfect document and these exceptions or interventions are stopped before they are delivered to the end user.

The problem is that most systems/workflow, in both small and large organizations, are not closed-loop and have too many inherent flaws and weaknesses to guarantee the perfect document at the end.  Even for those organizations that have a closed-loop system, exceptions that result in either non-standard processing or manual intervention jeopardize document integrity.

Some examples that we have encountered include:

  • Lack of appropriate file and data validation upon receipt
  • Manual intervention (e.g. deleting record, correcting field) into customer file
  • Lack of checks and balances for audit purposes
  • Modifying upstream programming for customized changes
  • Different document composition process for sign-off versus production
  • No, or incorrect use of, barcode on document
  • Manual reprint process and/or no "touch and toss" mentality
  • Inconsistent or incorrect job reconciliation process

We can perform a review on and document your entire workflow from data receipt to communication delivery and identify processes, or lack thereof, that jeopardize document integrity.  Even more valuable, we can provide recommendations and options on how to remediate these issues.

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Document Integrity processes ensure that the document creation, change processes and production workflow creates completely sound, correct, and valid documents.